Aggravated Assault is a common offense that can occur a number of ways and the penalties can vary dramatically. The Phoenix area criminal defense attorneys with The Law Offices of Kevin Breger have extensive experience defending Aggravated Assault cases.

Some examples of when a defendant can be charged with Aggravated Assault include:

Causes serious physical injury to another;

Uses a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument to assault another;

Enters the home of another with the intent to cause physical injury; or,

Has reason to know that the person the defendant is threatening or intimidating is a peace officer, fire fighter, school teacher or health practitioner.

The exhibition of a deadly weapon or dangerous weapon may also qualify as an aggravated assault. There are several types of Aggravated Assaults and many are very serious, such as Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Assault with a Dangerous Instrument, or Assault that causes a serious physical injury. In these cases, Aggravated Assault is a Class 3 Felony.

There are also several less serious types of Aggravated Assault but if convicted of a first offense for a serious Aggravated Assault case, where a deadly weapon or a dangerous instrument is used, the defendant will face a mandatory minimum prison sentence of five years with no option of probation. Aggravated Assault illustrates why it is important to retain the services of experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Having experienced criminal defense attorneys such as ours with the The Law Offices of Kevin Breger, makes a substantial difference to the outcome of your case.

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