EXTRADITION CASES § 13-3841 et. seq.

Arizona has adopted the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act of which most of the United States and United States Territories have also adopted. In order to be extradited to another state for a crime committed in that state, there is a formal process, including the issue of an arrest warrant.

A person to be extradited to another state may be subject to confinement until the extradition takes place and under certain scenarios may be eligible for bail issued by a judge or magistrate of this state. Further, if the defendant is extradited back to Arizona, the defendant may be tried in Arizona for any other crimes which he/she is charged with having committed here, in addition to the crime which gave rise to the extradition request.

If you are arrested in Arizona under a warrant from another state, you have a right to a hearing to determine whether or not you are the correct person wanted in the other state. Identity is one of the issues. It is important that you contact us before you waive your rights to an extradition hearing, so we can determine the best strategy on your behalf!

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