September 17, 2014

A Criminal Defense Attorney sponsors the MASKer Aide Ball?

The Law Offices of Kevin Breger, PLLC, a criminal and DUI law firm with offices in both Phoenix and Scottsdale, whose practice is comprised of approximately a quarter Juvenile representation, is a proud sponsor of the MASKer Aide Ball – a fundraiser on October 4th in support of MASK (Mother Awareness on School Age Kids) at the Scottsdale Princess Resort.

A criminal law office sponsoring an organization that educates kids on how to stay out of trouble may appear a contradiction in terms. Having seen “The Lincoln Lawyer”, “Presumed Innocent” and the like, we know the stereotype only too well – criminal lawyer gets paid top dollar to defend the guilty and they walk. The reality, however, is somewhat different – at least it is for Mr. Breger, principal attorney. Yes, he helps juveniles and their families get top-notch results on their cases, but he is also passionate about helping juveniles change their chosen course and become upstanding citizens. Breger has spent the last fifteen plus years dedicated towards realizing this goal.

Breger started his criminal legal career as a prosecutor for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. He spent a good portion of his time there working exclusively in the Juvenile Division prosecuting juveniles. Not a newbie to practicing law, having been an attorney abroad, he already knew he had a passion for helping kids. Breger recognized that many of these kids were a mere victim of circumstance, or just kids who were young and ignorant.

Moving on from the county and opening his own criminal defense law firm, he felt he had many more resources at his disposal to better help juveniles and adults who found themselves on the wrong side of the law. “Representing juveniles (and adults charged with a crime) is something I am passionate about. It is an opportunity to uphold our constitution, which makes living in the USA special,” stated Breger.

As a father himself, he would rather see the need for his services as a juvenile defense attorney eradicated. Through sponsoring programs such as the MASKer Aide Ball, Breger demonstrates his dedication to this goal first hand. Until such a dream becomes a reality, Breger continues to follow his passion – helping juveniles navigate the complex world of the legal system, whether they are a victim of circumstance or just being a kid, not realizing the legal consequences of their actions, he continues to be there to help guide and support them and their families when they lose their way.


The Law Offices of Kevin Breger, PLLC offers legal counsel to both adults and juveniles in any area of criminal law and DUI representation throughout Arizona. Attorney Kevin Breger, Esq. started the Law Offices of Kevin Breger, PLLC in 2006 with the intention of offering clients the opportunity of an outstanding innovative defense, exceptional customer service and more importantly access to attorneys who care about their clients’ specific cases. They understand how overwhelming the legal process is and are available to help their clients and their families at any time.


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