Our Phoenix, Arizona criminal defense attorneys offer assistance to you before charges are filed. This pre-filing assistance benefits you in a number of ways:

Through a Pre-File Investigation, we get involved in investigating your case and preparing your defense either before or after you have been contacted by a law enforcement agency but before charges have actually been filed.

Our goals of a Pre-File Investigation are to minimize your criminal liability through, for example:

Preventing the filing of a criminal charge;

Reducing charges from felonies to misdemeanors;

Diverting allegations into an informal non-criminal resolution;

Easing your concerns about the case;

Keeping you apprised of legal rights;

If charges are filed, assist with your surrender to avoid public arrest.

One of the techniques that we can use to bolster a client’s credibility during the Pre-Filing Investigation phase is by arranging for a confidential and private polygraph examination. If we are satisfied with the results and they are favorable, they can be shared with law enforcement to foster a positive resolution of your case.

Other techniques that can be employed to generate a good result during the Pre-Filing Investigation phase is through investigating an alleged victim’s background with regards to reliability and truthfulness. Naturally, if an alleged victim does not have a track record or history of being honest, that can be translated into a positive result.

A Pre-File Investigation prevents charges from being filed by attacking the credibility of the victim by:

Using other witnesses to question the reputation and truthfulness of the victim.

Revealing unsubstantiated allegations against others made by the victim.

Having experienced criminal defense attorneys such as ours with the The Law Offices of Kevin Breger, makes a substantial difference to the outcome of your case.

Do not take chances with your freedom, contact our Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona criminal defense attorneys to confidentially discuss representation. We can help you!