Our firm provides the utmost in flexibility when it comes to payment options.

We offer all our clients the opportunity to meet with an Attorney for a FREE initial consultation where we will discuss your criminal or DUI case and your options and inform you of the various methods of payment that we offer depending on the nature and circumstances of each case.

Each case is evaluated independently by our attorneys on a fair and just basis. They look at all the elements of the case and provide you with payment options that are the most comfortable for you.

Payment options include:
A flat fee, retainer, staggered fee, once off payments or a combination of these.



We are one of the only law firms left who put quality before quantity & solemnly swear to give you the representation you pay for!

For specific information regarding your case and for your FREE initial consultation, please call The Law Offices of Kevin Breger, PLLC at (602) 682-5582 or email us directly at info@BregerLaw.com and our experienced criminal defense and DUI / DWI attorneys will be happy to help your or your loved one get this resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.