Why an Arizona Criminal and DUI Attorney?

Don't-get-screwed-2015First and foremost for someone to represent you in court in Arizona, they have to be admitted to practice law in Arizona. An Arizona based attorney will have the most thorough knowledge of the legal system in Arizona and will be far better equipped to help you with your case than an attorney from another state. Mr. Breger, has in excess of 13 years experience and solely practices in the area of criminal defense and DUI representation. Mr. Breger was formerly a prosecutor for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and has had extensive experience in criminal and DUI defense – empowering his clients with the peace of mind that they are in the very best hands. In addition, he has a thorough undestanding of the state and local laws and vast experience with local law enforcement officials and judges in Arizona.

The Law Offices of Kevin Breger is committed to any out-of-state client and assures you that we will work efficiently and effectively to get you back in your home state as quickly as possible. Once you have returned home, your attorney will remain in constant contact with you and the courts and ensure that you receive an optimum resolution for your case. Even from another state, you can be guaranteed that Mr. Breger and his firm will work dilligently to get you a quick result and that Mr. Breger will personally handle your case and protect your best interests here in Arizona. We are further committed to maintaining open and frequent communication with our out-of-state clients. You are always welcome to call us and we will regularly be contacting you to inform you of the progress of your case.

Mr. Breger will work dilligently and effectively to get you released from jail and back home as quickly as possible. As the case proceeds, Mr. Breger will remain in constant contact with the courts and you to ensure a speedy and optimum resolution for your case. Even if you have returned to your home state, and are out of Arizona, you can trust that Mr. Breger will personally be handling your case and protecting your best interests from inception to completion, whilst constantly keeping you abreast of all progress pertaining to your case.

Tough Arizona Criminal Laws and Punishments

There are certain situations where the law differs substantially from one state to another. What may appear as a minor infraction in your home state, may be considered a felony under Arizona Law and may result in serious criminal charges and consequences.

For Example:


Arizona has amongst the toughest DUI laws in the country and should you be charged with a DUI in Arizona it is best to retain an Arizona lawyer, who is familiar with these tough laws, to assist you in fighting these charges. DUI charges while driving on a suspended licence, a third DUI offense within 5 years (even if the other offenses were in another state), and DUI with a child under that age of 15 years of age are all felonies under Arizona DUI law. (For more information on DUI, see our DUI section of our website)

Posession of Marijuana

While possession of marijuana for personal use is considered misdemeanor in many other states, if you are found with Marijuana in Arizona, you will in all likelihood, initially be charged with a felony. If this is your first offense, it is likely that a skilled, knowledgable and experienced attorney like Mr. Breger will be able to get this case resolved with positive results.

Fighting and Aggravated Assault

Assault in which serious physical injury is inflicted upon the other party is considered a felony in Arizona. Once again, it is strongly recommended that you retain an Arizona based criminal defense lawyer to assist you with mitigating the severity of your charges and consequences.

Arizona’s DUI laws are amongst the toughestin the country.This may come as a surprise to you should you be visiting from another state with more relaxed DUI laws. There are very steep penalties that accompany a DUI charge in Arizona. The serious consequences that eminate from a DUI conviction in Arizona are why you need to choose a DUI lawyer from Arizona, rather than an attorney from your home state. An Arizona DUI defense attorney will have the most thorough knowledge of the state’s DUI laws and will know the best way to negotiate lesser penalties for your charge or get your case dismissed.We at The Law Offices of Kevin Breger handle numerous DUI cases a month and have always managed to get optimum results. Our customized defense strategy, allows us to evaluate your case on it’s own merits and determine the best defense for you. We don’t believe in cookie cutter defense strategies and will give your case the personalized attention it deserves.

For more information on Arizona DUI laws, rights and penalties:






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DUI arrests during holidays and major sporting events are far more frequent, since law enforcement is more prevalent at these times. If you are visiting Arizona from out-of-state for a long weekend, the Holiday season, a major sporting event or another reason and find yourself facing DUI charges, you can count on the DUI defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Kevin Breger, PLLC to provide you with outstanding legal representation. Our lawyers are experienced in handling DUI cases for both Arizona residents and out-of-state visitors.



When you are fighting DUI charges or other criminal charges, you need every advantage to help you obtain a successful outcome in your case. The first and most important thing to do when you have been arrested as a visitor in Arizona is to contact a local criminal defense attorney. Contact The Law Offices of Kevin Breger today to schedule a FREE consultation.

Mr Breger, Esq. – a Phoenix, Arizona criminal defense attorney, is a firm beliver that one of the greatest virtues accorded us in the United States is the relative liberty and freedom that we are able to enjoy. If you are charged with a crime you face the possibility of loosing that liberty-the duration of which depends on the nature of the crime you have been charged with. Fighting to protect your liberty and to ensure that the State and police agencies do NOT violate our laws and the constitution is of the utmost importance to us at The Law Offices of Kevin Breger, PLLC.

As a former prosecutor at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, The Law Offices of Kevin Breger’s principle criminal defense attorney- Mr. Kevin Breger,Esq.- has extensive experience in the area of criminal law and has successfully taken many cases to trial. Mr. Breger has been able to translate his experience into results for his clients with reduced out of pocket expenses in getting there(1).

Remember, the VIth amendment (2) might give you the right to be represented by counsel-it does not give you the right to be represented by diligent, effective and good counsel.

If you want no-nonsense representation by an attorney that will brilliantly and aggressively fight for your rights, at an affordable price (3) and who will be personally available to you as a client call The Law Offices of Kevin Breger – we can help you today!

(1) Mr. Breger runs and extremely efficient office which enables him to offer his expertise to his clients at rates that are more cost effective than those charged by larger law firms.
(2) U.S. Const. amend. VI.
(3) Payment plans are available on request depending on the individual circumstances and nature of the case.