When a person who is under eighteen (18) years of age is charged with a crime they usually face those charges as a “juvenile” (1) and depending on which police agency is involved, the nature of the crime and the geographical location they could find themselves either in one of Arizona’s limited jurisdiction courts or in the juvenile division of the Superior Court.

Defending children and young adults in the area of juvenile delinquency is decidedly different to defending adults. While in most cases the principles of criminal liability can be directly translated from the adult system to the juvenile system, the rules of procedure and the very nature and essence of the juvenile justice system (2) cannot be translated. If you, as a young adult or as a parent want effective representation for yourself or your child who has been charged with a crime (whether it be a DUI, drug offense,theft,robbery, assault, aggravated assault, major felony,  sex crime or any other related offense) it is of the utmost importance that you retain an attorney and a law firm that has real experience working exclusively in the area of juvenile delinquency law. The principal attorney at The Law Offices of Kevin Breger-Mr.  Kevin Breger-can attest to having such experience both as a former prosecutor for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and as a private defense attorney where he has litigated many hundreds of juvenile delinquency cases. Mr. Breger is one of the leading criminal defense attorneys in the area of Juvenile Delinquency Law. We are here to help you or your loved one!

If you want no-nonsense representation by an attorney who will brilliantly & aggressively fight for your rights or those of your child or loved one, at an affordable price (3), and who will be personally available to you as a client call our Arizona criminal defense law firm now – The Law Offices of Kevin Breger can help you or your child today!

(1) There are a number of different factors and laws that impact whether a case is filed in “juvenile” court or “adult” court. Some of the considerations are the age of the person being charged, as well as the nature of the charges. See for example A.R.S. §§ 13-501 and 8-327.

(2) While the emphasis in the adult criminal justice system is focused on incarceration and retribution the emphasis in the juvenile system is rehabilitation, promoting the best interests of juveniles with the courts’ role as parens patriae. See for example David G. v. Pollard ex rel. County of Pima, 207 Ariz. 308, 86 P.3d 364 (2004) and In re Miguel R., 204 Ariz. 328, 63 P.3d 1065 (App. 2003).

(3) Payment plans are available on request depending on the individual circumstances and nature of the case.