To Whom It May Concern,

It is with pleasure that I submit this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Kevin Breger, Attorney-at-Law. I am currently retired from the a job in the public sector whereI worked with attorneys on a regular basis, and can unequivocally state that Mr. Breger exceeded my expectations and certainly met my customer-relation standards.

Several months ago, I had need for a law firm to represent a family member. I consider myself fortunate indeed to have retained the legal services of Mr. Kevin Breger. Mr. Breger was forthright about the options available, stated what he could do legally, and met that commitment.

I found Mr. Breger to be a compassionate individual; a quality severely lacking in today’s society. I was in turmoil and his compassion and immediate grasp of the situation enabled me to place my confidence in him. Mr. Breger helped me and my grandson to achieve a level of mental clarity that is needed to undergo the steps/ process in the legal system.

I am truly amazed at his listening and communication skills. He was professional, efficient, and readily available when I needed to contact him. I was kept informed of the case as it progressed and most importantly, when it was brought to closure. I was highly satisfied with the results of the case and how it was handled

I recommend Kevin Breger without hesitation…


CM, Phoenix AZ


Kevin,Thank you very much for your outstanding professional representation.

Should I ever know someone in need of top-rate legal assistance I will not hesitate to have them contact you.


CM, Phoenix AZ

Kevin you have gone above and beyond what any person could wish for and we congratulate you on the many avenues that you follow in reaching and intelligent decision.

Much much thanks!

BM, Phoenix AZ


Thank You Very Much!!!
Hi Kevin! I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts and professionalism working on behalf of my Son xxxx. You have truly provided a new life and opportunity for him to pursue his career without the black mark against him.You turned this into a valuable learning experience for him that otherwise could have been extremely painful and damaging.

Very much appreciate the way you kept me apprised of the progress and actions as his case proceeded and am very grateful for the results.

Thanks again for your professionalism!

DJ, Scottsdale AZ


“Kevin, I can’t express how happy I am with the resolution of my case and the work that you put into it.”


CK, Mesa AZ
“Dear Kevin, Much appreciation for your many, many efforts on behalf of my son, XXX, and also, myself.”


..., Chandler AZ

“Kevin, Thanks for all the help. I know you have been a great service to xxxxx and xxxxxx. Thanks for going above and beyond. You don’t see that very often.
God Bless You”
MF, Phoenix AZ
“Dear Mr. Kevin Breger
I wanted to take this time to thank you for your legal services. As you know, the nature of my assault case was very frustrating for me. However, as a result of your support and expert legal advise, this helped guide us to a victory! Please feel free to use my name as a reference to anyone who is looking for a true expert in the field of Criminal Law. Not only do you know the legal system, but you were a great emotional support through all the months of preparation for our court date. I will contact you in the future should I require professional legal services.

Good Luck,”

KT, Scottsdale AZ


“Thank you for helping (name omitted) in (name omitted) DUI case. I really appreciate your willingness to point (name omitted) in the right direction – the research and hard work really helped the outcome of his case.

Thank you for your time – please let me know if you ever need a favor!”

SS, Tempe AZ
“Dear Kevin,
Just a note to thank you for all your help and good counsel… You are a great attorney who also offered good judgement and sound advise when I needed it. I am a big fan and will refer you if ever anyone I know needs a sharp criminal law attorney. I also wanted to let you know that it went great with (referral name omitted)… you helped me find.

Thanks for all the suport!”

CM, Phoenix AZ


Mr Breger is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him. He understood the impact of my son’s diminished mental capacity and emotional disability while counseling him on his case. His attention to detail and frequent contact was very reassuring and evidence of his personal and professional commitment. He made certain we understood how to prepare for, and what to expect from every court appearance. Ultimately my son’s case was reduced to a misdemeanor with no further impact to his future. We could not be happier with the outcome.
RR, Tempe AZ



In early 2011, a close family member incurred a super extreme DUI, and help was desperately required. Many online inquiries to experienced lawyers were made, but only one contacted us straight away (on a Saturday!) — Kevin Breger. Mr. Breger helped us understand what to expect, and was the legal representation we needed at the initial court hearing and the DMV hearing. My family member was facing 45-180 days in jail, but after meeting with the prosecutors and the arresting officer, Mr. Breger was able to get the sentence reduced to 15 days in jail and 15 days house arrest with work release.

When complications required extra court appearances, Mr. Breger was there for us. His serene presence was enormously reassuring; he was always straightforward and never promised more than could be delivered. We relied on his knowledgeable expertise and he didn’t let us down.

CB, Phoenix AZ


“Kevin Breger is ambitious, efficient, he is able to put himself in another’s position, he is intelligent, unrelenting, sympathetic, honest, willing to take risks, and seeks justice at all times. Kevin Breger provided me with the best outcome to my case and I couldn’t be more pleased.”
CH, Scottsdale AZ



“Kevin, provided me with excellent legal representation. After our first meeting, I was confident that I had chosen the right lawyer. He explained all my options during every step of the process. He and his staff always kept me informed of any development, returned calls promptly and provided documentation whenever necessary. As an out of state client, I was concerned with having to travel back to Phoenix for numerous hearings. Kevin’s representation enabled me to remain at home while he handled everything. His expertise, thoroughness and creativity provided me with an outcome of the case that exceeded all my expectations.”
SU, Out of State



Kevin is an exceptional attorney, who provides his client’s with a sound defense! His case dedication and clear communication enable’s his client’s the ability to clearly understand each step of the legal process. I am very comfortable recommending Kevin, based on his level of criminal justice system knowledge, and his experience as a prosecutor practicing only Criminal and DUI defense. I would recommend Kevin Breger for any felony or misdemeanor. You will be well represented with Kevin as your counsel.
SO, Phoenix AZ